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The best video game consoles to have fun at home

Have a fun time in the company of family and friends with these game consolesThe best video game consoles to have fun at home

The video game They are a way to stimulate creativity, attention span and visual memory of people, especially in children who are in the process of development of cognitive skills.

And it is that some studies show that this form of entertainment has wide benefits for health and social integration. Therefore, if you are a video game fan, in the following list we have selected several options for consoles what can you consider for have fun at home with family and friends.

1. Nintendo switch with multiplayer option

It is a device that comes with a multi-touch screen with a wide display spectrum and integrates three playback styles for television, table and portable control so that you can enjoy games better. Supports Wi-Fi to activate multiplayer mode and thus connect multiple consoles wirelessly.

It is a high performance console with a Long duration battery that will allow you play from anywhere wirelessly in order to stay connected with your friends.

2. Xbox One S with Remote control

1 TB console that comes with a wireless controller. It is designed so that you can enjoy your games to the fullest with digital sync, since it does not have a local disk, instead has a synchronization system in the cloud with which you can create a library and thus have access to your games without losing the levels reached from anywhere.

With this console you will have access to a wide online games catalog by simply syncing your device. On the other hand, includes three great digital games.

3. Sony Playstation 4 500 GB

Console with a system 500GB unified and high-performance core customization chip, as well as a graphics processor with large memory capacity that provides greater speed. It also has a high sensitivity sensor to make games more dynamic.

The system of this console will provide you with a superior experience and hi-fi to generate an enveloping environment. It also incorporates a touch keyboard controller for better interaction with games.

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