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The best wireless noise-canceling headphones to focus while you work or study

The best wireless noise-canceling headphones to focus while you work or study

Focus at home!

One of the complications of working or studying at home during quarantine is distraction. Especially if you live with your family, your partner or roommates, eIt’s easy to get distracted by anything and not stay focused in what you are doing.

Therefore, we want you to know the noise-canceling headphones to help you immerse yourself in your favorite music and block out all other sounds. To focus better, we recommend choosing music without lyrics or sounds of nature.

1. Mpow H7

headphones mpow amazon

The headphones Mpow H7 They have an adjustable design and large ear cushions that fit over your ears. It includes CVC6.0 noise cancellation and a built-in microphone so you can have calls without problems. These headphones can be connected by bluetooth to a wide variety of devices, with a battery that lasts up to 18 hours, or also use them with their auxiliary cable. On the outside it has 3 buttons to control the volume and pause or take calls.

These are the cheapest headphones in the guide, with a price less than $ 30 on Amazon. You can find this model in black, blue, pink and gray, and it is well valued by customers who highlight their great price-quality ratio and that they have a very good sound in relation to their low price. As a negative point, they mention that their buttons need some practice since they have multiple functions.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

bose amazon headphones

From the renowned brand Bose, these headphones offer great sound quality and noise cancellation. It includes a microphone that picks up voice over sounds and includes compatibility with Alexa, which you can access from the headphones with the touch of a button. It has 5 buttons on the outside to provide easy handling and its battery has a range of up to 20 hours. It works with bluetooth, but also with NFC for faster pairing with cell phones.

Despite being the most expensive headphones in the guide, they have a current 14% discount and priced less than $ 300 on Amazon. This product includes a hard carrying case, a USB charging cable and an auxiliary cable, and is available in black, silver and rose gold. They are top rated, with 4.6 stars, and customers comment that these headphones are far superior in noise cancellation technology and audio quality. Also, they mention that their microphone is very good for calls.

3. Cowin E7

cowin amazon headphones

East cowin model It has a modern and minimalist design, with active noise cancellation and a battery that can last up to 30 hours. Can be used with bluetooth or with auxiliary cable and have comfortable ear pads for long time wear without discomfort. They are ideal for working or studying without distractions.

These headphones are available in several different colors and have priced under $ 60 on Amazon. With more than 27,000 reviews, this is the best-selling headphone model on the list and is well-rated. Customers mention that they are headphones with good sound quality and that they are very light, ideal to always carry with you.

4. Cowin E7 Pro

cowin pro amazon headphones

This is a renewed model of the brand Cowin, which has a similar design to the previous model with some improvements. It has large pads that provide a lot of comfort and its buttons are integrated into the design on the outside. It offers a range of up to 30 hours and an active noise cancellation technology. It works with bluetooth 4.0 and has a microphone that helps highlight the voice and eliminate background noise. A rigid box is included to transport or store them, a USB charging cable and an auxiliary cable.

At Amazon, these headphones have a price less than $ 80 for your current discount and they are available in 7 colors. They are highly valued by customers, who comment that they are high quality headphones in relation to their price with good sound. They mention that comparing them with the previous model (Cowin E7) these headphones offer more comfortable ear pads and that their volume controls on the outer side are more comfortable.

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