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These are the 5 best-selling smartphones on Amazon for less than $ 300

Enjoy the best of technology at the best pricesThese are the 5 best-selling smartphones on Amazon for less than $ 300

The smartphones they are a fundamental part of our daily life. These help us accomplish multiple of our daily tasks, accompany us at work, and keep us connected with our loved ones. The various technological advances mean that they have an increasing amount of functionalities and applications at our disposal, so new versions are always coming out to surprise us. So if you want to update your smartphone But without spending a fortune, in the following list you will find the best options on Amazon for less than $ 300.

1. Moto G8 Play 2019 with triple artificial intelligence camera:

This is a phone that has a triple camera system with artificial intelligence technology which will allow you to capture clearer, sharper and higher resolution photos, with an ultra-wide lens that you can adjust, as well as an aperture to solve lighting problems. It also has a large high-definition screen so that you can better see the contents and handle each of the device’s functions in a very dynamic way.

This phone has a mechanism called Max Vision to combine the wide visual support and you can have a complete sound and image experience, as well as higher performance. On the other hand, it will provide you with maximum security against theft and loss, since it integrates a fingerprint reader and facial unlocking.

Buy this smart smartphone from the Motorola brand here.

2. Huawei P30 128GB dual SIM with Android 9.0 system:

It is a Huawei smartphone with the ability to 128 GB internal memory and four RAM so that you get the most out of this device and all the functions offered by the Android 9.0 system, plus it is dual SIM and has an IPS LCD touch screen that produces more vivid colors. The camera has a 24 megapixel triple matrix and a depth sensor so you can capture your best moments in high resolution.

This Huawei is compatible with most GSM SIM cards from brands such as AT&T, T-Mobile and others, since it is a design that has international support so you can always use it during your travels. Furthermore, the high resolution capabilities of the selfie camera allow for highly versatile dynamic focusing and high brightness.

Buy this Huawei brand phone here.

3. Samsung Galaxy A20s with triple camera:

It is an international version device which has wide compatibility with most GSM carriers, a capacity of 32GB storage and Android 9.0 system that will provide you with better functionality; It has a main rear camera and a front camera for you to capture better photos, as well as a touch-sensitive design with a brightness on the back and smooth curves.

With the screen of this phone you can perform a variety of tasks and comfortably view your favorite content, in addition to manipulating games and many applications, as it incorporates a Octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM.

Buy this Samsung brand smartphone here.

4. BLU G90 Smartphone with triple camera and Android 10:

The BLU G90 has an HD screen with curved glass and Android 10 system that will allow you to enjoy higher image quality, sound and comfortable grip at all times, since it integrates a triple camera with depth sensor and eight megapixel angular mechanism, as well as flash and selfie camera, so you can capture the best photos. It also has a fingerprint sensor that guarantees maximum security for your content and the device in general.

This mobile has shades and fine reflections that combined with the high definition visual experience it provides, you can have in your hands one of the best options for chatting, doing personal and work tasks, watching your favorite movies, playing games and performing multiple tasks, now which incorporates a graphics processor of the latest generation that guarantees its performance.

Buy this mobile device from the BLU brand here.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with 6 gigabyte RAM:

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is a smartphone with an advanced system, high density screen for better field of view and fingerprint security, plus 6GB RAM so you can multitask without the fear of your phone crashing.

The operating system is very fluid and fast, a feature that makes it a very convenient cell phone, since it has a good camera, strong speaker, expandable memory and more, being on a par with other high-end smartphones.

Buy this Xiaomi brand mobile here.

If you are interested in seeing more smartphone options, you will find them here.

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