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Why is the Nintendo Switch considered one of the best game consoles this quarantine?

A console that provides hours of fun for the whole familyWhy is the Nintendo Switch considered one of the best game consoles this quarantine?

The time we spend at home during quarantine It can make the days longer and more tedious, it is in these moments when it is necessary to look for an activity that allows us to have fun and share. In this sense, children and young people are the main focus since they are usually more difficult to please. A good idea to keep the family entertained is with a gaming console. video game.

One of the most popular is the Nintendo switchThis is because it is considered by many to be a hybrid console since it can be connected to the television like a home computer or the base can be removed and operated as if it were a tablet. This is due in part to their touch screen LCD that is mounted on a sturdy plastic holder.

The console has two wireless controllers which include sensors for motion detection, as well as a high definition tactile feedback system. These same controllers can be attached to the sides of the console and conveniently operate it whenever you decide to use it as a portable unit.

The games for this console as well as the applications, they are available both in physical cartridges as well as digitally. Its battery lasts between four and nine hours. This system allows you to enjoy a wide variety of games no matter where you are.

Finally, the console has a large number of games that since its launch have been very popular, both for its graphics and for the interactivity that allow a more intuitive and therefore more enjoyable game style for the whole family. The versatility This console is undoubtedly the most outstanding feature, thus allowing the freedom to play at any time and wherever you are, without having to be limited by the television.

As you can see, the Nintendo switch It is an excellent opportunity to have hours of fun with the whole family, so it is time for you to encourage yourself to have your own.

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