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Your house cool in summer: The best portable air conditioning models that do not need an external connection

Your house cool in summer: The best portable air conditioning models that do not need an external connection

Cool in summer!

You want cool any place in the house in summer? With these small portable air conditioners you can be cooler in any corner. Find out below the best models that do not need any type of installation to work.

Many people prefer these devices to save on the electricity bill for the expense of traditional air conditioners. These compact products are perfect for bringing freshness to any room in the house.

1. Greatssly

East greatssly model It has 3 different speeds and its lower tank offers 7 options of LED colored lights, making it an ideal product to use as a night light. It includes a tank of 400 milliliters of water, where you can also put ice cubes so that the air comes out cooler. Its design is compact, making it ideal for tabletop use at just 8.9 inches tall.

This is the best selling product on the list, with more than 300 reviews on amazon and a current 38% discount. Customers comment that it is a very functional air conditioner, which has a 2 and 4 hour timer to use at night. They comment that its size makes it ideal to carry around the house.

2. Mikikin

In this Mikikin product we found a compact and square air conditioner, with a top handle to transport it. This air conditioner has 3 different speeds, and it also has a small LED light at the bottom. This is a rechargeable battery product, so it is ideal for use at home or outdoors with an external battery.

In Amazon this air conditioner model has a 19% discount and it is the most economical product of the guide with a price less than $ 30. Customers mention that it is a great alternative to table fans and that it is perfect to take anywhere with you in summer. In addition, they highlight that its battery can last up to 4 hours on a single charge.

3. Focondot

In this Focondot model we found a compact and portable design, with 3 different speeds and a 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery. It includes a 700 millitre tank that can last from 3 to 12 hours depending on the level of refrigeration you choose. In addition, it has an oscillation option, from 60 ° to 120 °.

You can get this portable air conditioner with a 9% discount on Amazon and customers comment that it is a product with a good price-quality ratio, and that it is very good for cooling any space. They comment that you can incorporate ice cubes for greater cooling power.

4. Ovpph

In the last place we find this ovpph ​​product which has a 400 millitre tank where you can also place ice cubes. It offers 3 ventilation options and its base has an LED light of 7 different colors. With a full tank, it can last 3 to 5 hours.

In Amazon this product has a 43% discount and a price less than $ 40. Customers comment that it is a product that works well and that it is easy to use. They emphasize that it is ideal for adding fresh air in small spaces or on any table.


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